How has Siraj Always Shined On Batting Paradises in the Last 2 Years?- Analysis


By Kartikey Tripathi (3.11.2023)

Tell Me This If A Bowler Like Siraj Is Bowling in a Batting Paradise Such As Chinnaswamy or Wankhede Frequently In the last 2 Years, Then Also Nailing His Performance For His Nation Each Time With Fabulous Numbers Under His Ranks every day, Is He Qualified To Be Named The Architecture For Some New Prima Donna Of Bowling Style?

 — — -> I Think He Is Very Much Capable Coz He Has “Miyan Magic” In Him

Mohammed Siraj

Siraj Has Been Exceptional Ever Since Bumrah Was Out From The Team Due To a Lumber Stress Fracture In His Back for the Past 1 And A Half Years. He Was The Main Force Behind The Nick Of Pace Unit Of Team India In International Cricket Be It Test Cricket One-Day Or A Fact T20I.

Siraj Has Close To 40 Wickets (Before The Start Of Men’s ICC Cricket World Cup,2023) In Some Odd 21 Matches Of One Day Internationals This Year 17 Wickets Came Inside The First 10 Overs (PowerPlay) Of The Game. He Is Above Of Some Of The Old Time Greats Of One-Day Crickets Like Trent Boult And Mitchell Starc By A Fair Margin.

Wickets In PowerPlay Since 2022

The Reason Behind This Performance Is The Development Of His Cross Seam Bowling On The Pitches Which Has Even Bounce In Them Already.

What Is Cross Seam Bowling?

A cross-seam delivery is a type of variation that a fast bowler will use to try to make the ball bounce in an unusual way. Instead of gripping the ball with the seam running parallel to the fingers, the bowler will turn the ball in the hand so that the seam runs horizontally across the fingers.

Difference Between Conventional & Cross Seam Delivery

These Similar Tactics Of Cross Seam Setup Was Used By The Greatest Dale Steyn In The Peak Of His Career. Siraj Uses This To Keep Things Unpredictable To Their Nature, Batsmen Can’t Guess If The Coming Delivery Is Swinging In, Away Or Will Be Low On Arrival.

In His Recent World Cup Clash In Wankhede Or Mayhem Asia Cup Final In Colombo Against Sri Lanka Where He Just Blows The Lankan Batters Like A Pile Of Coins Placed One Above Another, Cross Seam Bowling Into The Right Channels Was The Main Architect Of These Two Back To Back Collapses By The Lankan Tigers.

In Pic. Praise For Siraj After His Asia Cup Final Performance From Cricketing Fraternity


The above Video From One YouTube user Explains Siraj’s Setup With a Cross Seam Which plays Kusal Mendis’s Wicket In Yesterday’s Match, In Brief, I Recommend You To Watch It Through the Link Provided To Understand Better.

One Thing Which Annoys Me Is That The Cricketing World Is Not Giving Siraj His Due Recognition Of Changing The Parameters Of Batting On Run Fair Paradises Because Of His Cross-Seam Web Of Bowling In the Right Channels Of Uncertainty To The Batsmen With Constant Pace Of 140kmph.

Going Forward We Are Wishing Siraj & Team India To Keep Their Dominant Run In This World Cup With A Hope Of Mega Celebrations Night On 19th November 2023.


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